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November 22nd, 2013

Democrats Power Grab, End of the Filibuster

With the prospect that Obama has become a lame duck President with collapsing support according to polls, the Democrat and Harry Reid controlled Senate used the nuclear option to end filibusters. The naked power grab a year before the November 2014 elections that may result in the Republicans winning will give the Democrats just over a year to ram through radical left wing judges to impose socialism on America. Obama and the leftists use the courts to impose their radical socialist agenda where they can’t pass it in Congress. With the Republicans in the majority in the House and a failed Presidency of Obama the Democrats are left with ending the filibuster to impose their leftist agenda with activist liberal judges running courts while they still control the Senate.

Now that the Democrats threw down the gauntlet ending the filibuster they showed that they can’t be trusted to continue Senate rules that go back nearly 200 years while they are in charge. This will effectively end the filibuster that the minority party uses in the Senate to slow or stop legislation they don’t approve of or will harm their state. When Republicans are the majority they too will be able to pass what they want with a simple majority like the House does. In the long run this may help Republicans if they can win a majority. It may also help small states over the fewer large states with Senators from small states uniting to pass bills that will help them. All states get two Senators regardless of population size.

Of course the Democrats didn’t do the right thing and end the filibuster rule in a way that’s fair to both parties like have the new rule go into effect after the next election. The Democrats changed the rules while they can use the new power first to try to pack the courts with radical judges. Because it’s clear now for all to see that Democrats can’t be trusted when they use lies to pass bills like Obamacare and appoint abusive judges that violate the Constitution to impose their leftist agenda; Republicans need to pass bills and continue to pick quality judges and approve them with a simple majority when Republicans have the majority without the Democrats using the filibuster rule that has now ended.

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