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March 15th, 2014

Hillary Clinton for President of Not?

So many people think it’s a forgone conclusion that Hillary Clinton will run for President. Some even think that Hillary will be the Democrats nomination and some even think it’s almost certain she will be elected President no matter whom the Republicans nominate. Most of the speculation comes from the liberal medias “push” and propaganda of another Clinton they can get in the Oval office. The liberal media supports the Clintons or any other liberal they think they can get elected. Which is no different from many years of the liberal media pushing whom ever the next Kennedy is that may run for any office. Because there aren’t any leading Kennedy’s running, the liberal media is left with the only possible Clinton. There aren’t any Carters to promote. John Kennedy’s son was killed in a plane crash but he may not have been a liberal so wouldn’t have promoted him anyway.

Many people forget that Hillary was leading easily when she ran in 2008 but lost to Obama. At that time Obama was a no-name, unknown freshman Senator, but once he became the only opponent to Hillary he quickly began winning primary after primary. Hillary’s lead collapsed in one of the quickest collapses of a leading Presidential candidate ever. Once Hillary is up against one other candidate her weaknesses show, like lack of any real reason to vote for her and her long list of negatives such as an unappealing personality, lack of a positive resume and little to no accomplishments or successes on her own. Hillary failed at most things she as done. In 2008 Hillary will be older and she looks it, she looks tired and many are simply tired of her and Clintons. In 2016 after a long hard 8 years of Obama and his failed democrat Presidency the political pendulum will swing away from the party in power and the Republican will have an easier time winning. With the failed disaster of Obamacare that looks a lot like Hillary care that she tried to get passed when Clinton was President, Democrats like Hillary will lose elections being seen as tied closely to it. Obamacare will cost the Democrats many elections and possibly a number of Presidential elections before the Dems can sufficiently distance themselves from it.

Running for President is difficult, tiring, and more easily lost than won. Hillary looks worn down and tired and will be 8 years older from when she ran and lost big. Dole and McCain looked old after months of campaigning to many and Hillary would also. Hillary may come to the forgone conclusion that she isn’t Presidential material and leave the public square while some still think she could have won.

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