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October 25th, 2014

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg Funds Liberal Democrats

Many conservatives over the last number of years used Facebook to connect with friends and family. The popularity and high traffic of Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg worth billions of dollars. Now he is taking some of that money and supporting liberal Democrats and liberal causes. Mark Zuckerberg gave money to a liberal Democrat for the Senate in New Hampshire. He wants to elect liberals, socialists, that raise the taxes of those that use Facebook. I guess that’s the thanks for making him a billionaire. He has his billions and he is all for taking your money in higher taxes. Tax rates that are higher than what he has paid on his entire net worth. He has paid little tax on the billions he made unless he sells stock and pays the lower capital gains tax rate.

Will Facebook censor comments by conservatives or run news from liberal media sources? I wouldn’t trust him. While conservatives defend your right to free speech liberals have a history of censoring comments by using their fascist “PC”, political correctness, to silence people. By using Facebook you put billions of dollars in Zuckerberg’s pocket while he uses Facebook and his billions to support politicians that will take away your money. That makes Facebook users Zuckers.

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