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November 5th, 2014

The Democrat Party is in Collapse

The Democrats lost the House of Representatives in Congress again and by the widest margins since the 1950’s. After running the House for many decades, since 1954, Democrats lost it in 1994 when Newt Gingrich became Speaker in a historic sea change election with Republicans winning 54 seats. Pelosi and the liberal Democrats won the House back after 12 years in 2006 but only held it for two terms when they lost 63 seats to Republicans in 2010. Because Democrats get most of their votes in concentrated areas in cities they win their seats by wide margins but are likely to lose in many more Congressional districts in suburbs and rural areas. Republicans will continue to win the House while Democrats that get elected will be more extreme and will have little power in Congress.

Just as the Republicans continue to dominate the House of Representatives in Congress, they will also win State Houses for the same reason, with Democrats winning only the most liberal cities. As time goes by, election after election, Republicans will have a solid farm team that previously won local State House seats to be strong candidates to run for the House, Senate and Governor. And from Governors there will be many solid leaders that will run for President. Contrast this to Democrats that will have extreme liberals with little experience or success as having been in the minority. The Democrats will be ever more leftist extreme and lose support of voters relegating them to dwindling numbers and minority status in years to come.

There is no doubt that the liberal media dominance in the past number of decades helped Democrats win elections on all government levels. The liberal media has lost its monopoly as the internet grows and more sources of media are available to the public means the Democrats will no longer have the media advantage they had. The liberal media will continue to lose market share of the news business and there is a growing conservative media all to the detriment of Democrats. There is also other treads that will no longer help democrats such as the decline in unions that have helped Democrats with money and campaign support continues to ebb. Abortion has also hurt Democrats because of the large number of abortions by liberal Democrats have simply decreased their population. Estimates are that Democrats have 60 percent or more of all abortions.

There are trends that will slowly diminish Democrats ability to win elections and once their party declines to a small minority and become irrelevant in national elections they will only collapse further as support for the dying Democrat party dries up.

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