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December 9th, 2014

Obama, Gruber and the Democrats lies about Obamacare

Obamacare advisor Gruber called people stupid when explaning how they pushed Obamacare on the American people. Obama and Democrats lied about Obamacare and the horrible things it will do to American’s healthcare and the cost of it. Obama and Obamacare schemers claimed people would save 2,500 dollars, people could keep their own doctor, that people can keep their healthcare plan if the liked it. These were all lies to fool people into supporting Obamacare among many other lies. Polls showed consistently that a majority of Americans weren’t fooled by their lies and have never had a majority support for government run Obamacare.

Democrats in Congress passed the disaster of Obamacare going against the will of the American people that were against it and didn’t believe the lies by the Democrats and the liberal media. The Democrat politicians aren’t that stupid to believe their own rhetoric but Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi tried to claim her ignorance by saying they have to ‘pass it to see what’s in it’. The ones that did fall for the lies were their own Democrat voters that were fooled into supporting Obamacare. Gruber was only right if the only people he was talking about were Democrats as being stupid. Now Gruber is claiming he was stupid for his statements of how they tried to fool people into supporting Obamacare. Pelosi is also playing stupid saying she didn’t know who Gruber was after she quoted him as the Obamacare expert and the Obama administration having paid Gruber hundreds of thousands of dollars and had many meetings with him at the White House is claiming Gruber wasn’t involved in creating Obamacare. The lies continue from Obama and the Democrats about Obamacare.

What’s most amazing is that the majority of Democrat continue to believe the lies their own party tells them. Its as if Democrats like being lied to. Most would be outraged that those they voted for lied to them but it could be that Democrats really are stupid people.

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