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July 1st, 2015

Should Conservatives Boycott Businesses?

Is boycotting a tactic conservatives should use? The left has used boycotts for years. Lately it seems that companies are bending over backwards and going with the left’s agenda on many issues including government gay marriage, illegals, racial politics, religion and other social issues.

Liberals have been threatening to boycott Macys over a number of issues by leftist feminist groups on pay requirements and racial politics by race hucksters like Sharpton with claims the company uses racial profiling. Also, leftists groups demanded they stop selling Donald Trumps merchandise. The company dropped Trumps merchandise and said it was because of his remarks about illegal aliens and the crimes they commit. Did the company bow to leftist’s demands?

There are other examples of company’s bowing to the left after they threaten a boycott. And more often companies will mouth liberals policy’s as if it will gain them favor with customers. They seem to think there is only benefit by taking the lefts agenda. Maybe its time conservatives get into boycotting companies if they don’t follow our conservative agenda. If a company wants to take liberals policy’s then let the depend on the left for their business. It won’t be long till they realize that there are many more conservatives that shop or buy their goods or services than leftists.

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