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November 11th, 2015

Democrats chasing away young voters

Democrats are going after fantasy sports trying to shut it down. These fantasy sports contests, being gambling or not, are extremely popular particularly with younger sports fans. Democrats are also trying to shut down the popular car service Uber and apartment or room rentals. These new services that anyone can easily participate in with a simple app or online are the new economy. Democrats are trying to stop these new businesses and they want to protect their political backers and their socialist view of regulating and taxing everything. Young people are seeing what the Democrats are for and its not for the average American. Democrats are for the old businesses of the past where they can regulate and tax businesses like the taxi business where huge fees are paid for operating licenses and hotels with special taxes that gouge the consumer.

Article about the issue:
FanDuel, DraftKings vow to fight New York’s halt on bets

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