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February 10th, 2016

Time for All to Unite Behind Trump as the Republican Nominee

Trump is well on his way to winning the Republican nomination. After winning the New Hampshire primary in dominant fashion of 2 to 1 over second place. Trump has enough momentum to run the table, meaning win state after state. It wouldn’t be long till Trump has the delegates needed to be the Republican Presidential nominee. It’s almost over, if not already over in reality.

Now is the time for the Republican establishment to stop trying to undermine the party’s likely nominee, quit playing games and cheap tricks and get behind Trump. Jeb Bush has wasted enough money and almost embarrassed the Bush name. Rubio has showed he is not ready to be a President as he looks robotic, canned answers and as Christie called him the bubble boy because he hides from answering questions. Kasich despite finishing second in NH has no national campaign and too moderate or liberal to win. Cruz is a solid conservative and not supported by the GOP establishment but can’t match Trump as a candidate. He doesn’t have the personality or presents to attract large enough support to make him a strong candidate.

Conservatives like myself have been supporting Trump for a long time. The TomG Report in a post way back on July 8th 2015 said that Trump can win. I was one of the first conservative bloggers to say he can win. Maybe I was The first to say so. Now all conservatives need to unite behind our eventual nominee.

Trump’s leading issues are important conservative issues such as stopping illegal immigration, improving the economy and jobs and making better trade deals that put America’s interest first, using the military in a strong way when needed, helping our Veterans, reducing the deficit and national debt. Trump’s overall message is to ‘Make America Great’ again. His message is pro-America and putting the nations best interests first, not foreigners or foreign nations as if they are equal or as if we owe others. There is nothing more conservative than a pro-American message. That’s something we haven’t heard much of in many years.

At this point the Republican establishment and conservatives can only do harm to the eventual Republican nominee. They should accept that their preferred candidate didn’t win and support Trump.

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