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March 19th, 2016

Trump is a Buchanan 2.0 Conservative

Is there any conservative or political pundit that would say in a credible way that Pat Buchanan isn’t a conservative? Of course not. It wouldn’t pass the laugh test. Trump’s conservative positions are the same as Pat Buchanan. Defend the border, stop illegals from coming in by building a wall. A pro-America business agenda of putting American businesses first and the domestic jobs that come with them over a globalist position of favoring international foreign businesses. It’s a conservative agenda of Pro American jobs and trade. Defeating enemies or threats against America by overwhelming force and not foreign nation building or losing American soldiers lives or our money protecting foreign governments or nations. Businessman Donald Trump and columnist Pat Buchanan are conservatives and put America first. Those that are claiming Trump isn’t a conservative are taking a libertarian position of globalism, open borders, trade agreements that destroy American business or they support the lefts agenda of crony capitalism and a politically connected agenda that puts money in their pockets at the expense of Americans.

Trump is a good campaigner and has the money to run his campaign. He is uniting many that wouldn’t normally vote with conservatives such as blue collar ex-Democrats, Hispanic and other minorities that like his jobs message and strong pro America leadership. While Buchanan was the opposition to Bush in the 92 campaign, Trump is the Buchanan 2.0 in 2016 and is defeating the GOP establishment and is building a new more invigorated wining Republican majority.

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