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June 22nd, 2016

Trump takes on Hillary

The Presidential campaign is on, Trump’s hard hitting speech exposing the corruption of Hillary and Bill Clinton is devastating to Hillary’s slim hopes of being President. For years, the liberal media and Republicans took a hands off approach to Hillary. The liberal media covered up for her corrupt ways because they support her and the Republicans simply are wimpy and don’t seem to care to challenge the opposition. Because the public hasn’t heard much about the Hillary Clinton scandals the Democrats nominated her even though as Trump says she may be the most corrupt politician to ever run for President. The Democrats fooled themselves in nominating someone so damaged as their leader. As people find out more and more about the Hillary Clinton scandals her poll numbers will fall and possibly lead to one of the most damaging loses to the Democrat party ever.

Trump has never been fooled with the liberal spin that going after and exposing an opponent would anger the public against those doing it, however, if the public becomes angered they will be by Hillary Clinton’s corruption that the liberal media covered up for years.

A Rush Limbaugh article of interest
Finally a Republican Tells the Truth About Hillary Clinton

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