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March 19th, 2016

Trump is a Buchanan 2.0 Conservative

Is there any conservative or political pundit that would say in a credible way that Pat Buchanan isn’t a conservative? Of course not. It wouldn’t pass the laugh test. Trump’s conservative positions are the same as Pat Buchanan. Defend the border, stop illegals from coming in by building a wall. A pro-America business agenda of putting American businesses first and the domestic jobs that come with them over a globalist position of favoring international foreign businesses. It’s a conservative agenda of Pro American jobs and trade. Defeating enemies or threats against America by overwhelming force and not foreign nation building or losing American soldiers lives or our money protecting foreign governments or nations. Businessman Donald Trump and columnist Pat Buchanan are conservatives and put America first. Those that are claiming Trump isn’t a conservative are taking a libertarian position of globalism, open borders, trade agreements that destroy American business or they support the lefts agenda of crony capitalism and a politically connected agenda that puts money in their pockets at the expense of Americans.

Trump is a good campaigner and has the money to run his campaign. He is uniting many that wouldn’t normally vote with conservatives such as blue collar ex-Democrats, Hispanic and other minorities that like his jobs message and strong pro America leadership. While Buchanan was the opposition to Bush in the 92 campaign, Trump is the Buchanan 2.0 in 2016 and is defeating the GOP establishment and is building a new more invigorated wining Republican majority.

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November 11th, 2015

Democrats chasing away young voters

Democrats are going after fantasy sports trying to shut it down. These fantasy sports contests, being gambling or not, are extremely popular particularly with younger sports fans. Democrats are also trying to shut down the popular car service Uber and apartment or room rentals. These new services that anyone can easily participate in with a simple app or online are the new economy. Democrats are trying to stop these new businesses and they want to protect their political backers and their socialist view of regulating and taxing everything. Young people are seeing what the Democrats are for and its not for the average American. Democrats are for the old businesses of the past where they can regulate and tax businesses like the taxi business where huge fees are paid for operating licenses and hotels with special taxes that gouge the consumer.

Article about the issue:
FanDuel, DraftKings vow to fight New York’s halt on bets

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July 8th, 2015

Donald Trump Can Win The Republican Nomination

While party hacks squeal like spoiled swine, Trump is strongly moving forward gaining conservative’s support for the Republican nomination. The GOP party elite continue to support wimpy moderates that mouth empty slogans and end up either losing elections or doing nothing if elected. They now have a real force that can beat their candidates and the Democrat nominee. They can’t make the excuse that party donors won’t support the nominee because Trump is self funded. The attempts by the liberal media and politicians on both sides to denigrate Trump are backfiring and making Trump increasingly strong as people see the politicians attack a man for supporting what the majority of American’s support. People overwhelmingly want an end to the open borders that has increased crime committed by illegals and the high cost of hospitals, schools and welfare. People also want a strong trade policy to increase job opportunities and higher pay. The very successful Donald Trump is increasingly seen as one that can turn the economy around and improve the job market while politicians only talk, without actual plans or actions.

Trump has a better chance of winning the Presidency at this point than any other candidate and he has the campaign money to give any politician a strong challenge. Trump may just be the next President.

President Trump Online Poll

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July 1st, 2015

Should Conservatives Boycott Businesses?

Is boycotting a tactic conservatives should use? The left has used boycotts for years. Lately it seems that companies are bending over backwards and going with the left’s agenda on many issues including government gay marriage, illegals, racial politics, religion and other social issues.

Liberals have been threatening to boycott Macys over a number of issues by leftist feminist groups on pay requirements and racial politics by race hucksters like Sharpton with claims the company uses racial profiling. Also, leftists groups demanded they stop selling Donald Trumps merchandise. The company dropped Trumps merchandise and said it was because of his remarks about illegal aliens and the crimes they commit. Did the company bow to leftist’s demands?

There are other examples of company’s bowing to the left after they threaten a boycott. And more often companies will mouth liberals policy’s as if it will gain them favor with customers. They seem to think there is only benefit by taking the lefts agenda. Maybe its time conservatives get into boycotting companies if they don’t follow our conservative agenda. If a company wants to take liberals policy’s then let the depend on the left for their business. It won’t be long till they realize that there are many more conservatives that shop or buy their goods or services than leftists.

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December 9th, 2014

Obama, Gruber and the Democrats lies about Obamacare

Obamacare advisor Gruber called people stupid when explaning how they pushed Obamacare on the American people. Obama and Democrats lied about Obamacare and the horrible things it will do to American’s healthcare and the cost of it. Obama and Obamacare schemers claimed people would save 2,500 dollars, people could keep their own doctor, that people can keep their healthcare plan if the liked it. These were all lies to fool people into supporting Obamacare among many other lies. Polls showed consistently that a majority of Americans weren’t fooled by their lies and have never had a majority support for government run Obamacare.

Democrats in Congress passed the disaster of Obamacare going against the will of the American people that were against it and didn’t believe the lies by the Democrats and the liberal media. The Democrat politicians aren’t that stupid to believe their own rhetoric but Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi tried to claim her ignorance by saying they have to ‘pass it to see what’s in it’. The ones that did fall for the lies were their own Democrat voters that were fooled into supporting Obamacare. Gruber was only right if the only people he was talking about were Democrats as being stupid. Now Gruber is claiming he was stupid for his statements of how they tried to fool people into supporting Obamacare. Pelosi is also playing stupid saying she didn’t know who Gruber was after she quoted him as the Obamacare expert and the Obama administration having paid Gruber hundreds of thousands of dollars and had many meetings with him at the White House is claiming Gruber wasn’t involved in creating Obamacare. The lies continue from Obama and the Democrats about Obamacare.

What’s most amazing is that the majority of Democrat continue to believe the lies their own party tells them. Its as if Democrats like being lied to. Most would be outraged that those they voted for lied to them but it could be that Democrats really are stupid people.

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November 5th, 2014

The Democrat Party is in Collapse

The Democrats lost the House of Representatives in Congress again and by the widest margins since the 1950’s. After running the House for many decades, since 1954, Democrats lost it in 1994 when Newt Gingrich became Speaker in a historic sea change election with Republicans winning 54 seats. Pelosi and the liberal Democrats won the House back after 12 years in 2006 but only held it for two terms when they lost 63 seats to Republicans in 2010. Because Democrats get most of their votes in concentrated areas in cities they win their seats by wide margins but are likely to lose in many more Congressional districts in suburbs and rural areas. Republicans will continue to win the House while Democrats that get elected will be more extreme and will have little power in Congress.

Just as the Republicans continue to dominate the House of Representatives in Congress, they will also win State Houses for the same reason, with Democrats winning only the most liberal cities. As time goes by, election after election, Republicans will have a solid farm team that previously won local State House seats to be strong candidates to run for the House, Senate and Governor. And from Governors there will be many solid leaders that will run for President. Contrast this to Democrats that will have extreme liberals with little experience or success as having been in the minority. The Democrats will be ever more leftist extreme and lose support of voters relegating them to dwindling numbers and minority status in years to come.

There is no doubt that the liberal media dominance in the past number of decades helped Democrats win elections on all government levels. The liberal media has lost its monopoly as the internet grows and more sources of media are available to the public means the Democrats will no longer have the media advantage they had. The liberal media will continue to lose market share of the news business and there is a growing conservative media all to the detriment of Democrats. There is also other treads that will no longer help democrats such as the decline in unions that have helped Democrats with money and campaign support continues to ebb. Abortion has also hurt Democrats because of the large number of abortions by liberal Democrats have simply decreased their population. Estimates are that Democrats have 60 percent or more of all abortions.

There are trends that will slowly diminish Democrats ability to win elections and once their party declines to a small minority and become irrelevant in national elections they will only collapse further as support for the dying Democrat party dries up.

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October 25th, 2014

Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg Funds Liberal Democrats

Many conservatives over the last number of years used Facebook to connect with friends and family. The popularity and high traffic of Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg worth billions of dollars. Now he is taking some of that money and supporting liberal Democrats and liberal causes. Mark Zuckerberg gave money to a liberal Democrat for the Senate in New Hampshire. He wants to elect liberals, socialists, that raise the taxes of those that use Facebook. I guess that’s the thanks for making him a billionaire. He has his billions and he is all for taking your money in higher taxes. Tax rates that are higher than what he has paid on his entire net worth. He has paid little tax on the billions he made unless he sells stock and pays the lower capital gains tax rate.

Will Facebook censor comments by conservatives or run news from liberal media sources? I wouldn’t trust him. While conservatives defend your right to free speech liberals have a history of censoring comments by using their fascist “PC”, political correctness, to silence people. By using Facebook you put billions of dollars in Zuckerberg’s pocket while he uses Facebook and his billions to support politicians that will take away your money. That makes Facebook users Zuckers.

Articles of interest:
Open borders billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is spending one million dollars to defeat Scott Brown.

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January 7th, 2014

Obama’s Failed Economy, Unemployment Benefits Extended

After 5 years Obama’s failed economic policies Obama and the Democrats once again called for extending unemployment benefits. The job market continues to be weak with the labor force participation rate at the lowest levels in decades as people leave the labor force due to the lack of good paying jobs.

What should the Republicans do? The Republicans should approve the extension of unemployment benefits because it’s not the fault of the unemployed that they are in the dire position they are in. It’s the fault of Obama and his failed policies of high taxes, increased regulations and the disastrous Obamacare.

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November 22nd, 2013

Democrats Power Grab, End of the Filibuster

With the prospect that Obama has become a lame duck President with collapsing support according to polls, the Democrat and Harry Reid controlled Senate used the nuclear option to end filibusters. The naked power grab a year before the November 2014 elections that may result in the Republicans winning will give the Democrats just over a year to ram through radical left wing judges to impose socialism on America. Obama and the leftists use the courts to impose their radical socialist agenda where they can’t pass it in Congress. With the Republicans in the majority in the House and a failed Presidency of Obama the Democrats are left with ending the filibuster to impose their leftist agenda with activist liberal judges running courts while they still control the Senate.

Now that the Democrats threw down the gauntlet ending the filibuster they showed that they can’t be trusted to continue Senate rules that go back nearly 200 years while they are in charge. This will effectively end the filibuster that the minority party uses in the Senate to slow or stop legislation they don’t approve of or will harm their state. When Republicans are the majority they too will be able to pass what they want with a simple majority like the House does. In the long run this may help Republicans if they can win a majority. It may also help small states over the fewer large states with Senators from small states uniting to pass bills that will help them. All states get two Senators regardless of population size.

Of course the Democrats didn’t do the right thing and end the filibuster rule in a way that’s fair to both parties like have the new rule go into effect after the next election. The Democrats changed the rules while they can use the new power first to try to pack the courts with radical judges. Because it’s clear now for all to see that Democrats can’t be trusted when they use lies to pass bills like Obamacare and appoint abusive judges that violate the Constitution to impose their leftist agenda; Republicans need to pass bills and continue to pick quality judges and approve them with a simple majority when Republicans have the majority without the Democrats using the filibuster rule that has now ended.

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October 29th, 2013

Obama lied and healthcare died

Now even the most sycophant Obama supporters admit Obama lied about Obamacare when he said over and over that ‘if you like your plan you can keep it.’ Obama said it many times and many different ways with the clear and deliberate intention to lie to fool his supporters to back the Obamacare scheme. Reports by liberal NBC uncover the fact that Obama knew many people would lose their healthcare plans and could not keep it if they wanted it while he was saying people could keep their plans. Obama choose to lie to promote his Obamacare scheme which only passed by one vote in the Senate and no Republicans voting for it.

There are many more lies or shocks to his once supporters of Obamacare such as Obama’s claim that the average plan or person would save 2,500 dollars a year on health insurance. Healthcare insurance costs are rising instead. While many said that would happen Obama claimed prices would fall by 2,500 which has not happened. Did Obama know that it wasn’t true? Soon after the Obamacare scheme passed Congress and he signed it and way before it was implemented, Obama said ‘of course it will cost more to add people to the system’. So much for the original reason for healthcare reform that was pushed by Democrats under the reason that health insurance costs were too high. The disastrous Obamacare plan is more costly and many will pay higher prices or insurance. Many senior citizens that have Medicare and a health insurance plan with it are also losing their plans and are facing higher prices for the supplemental plans or less coverage.

While Obamacare scheme was never popular people are seeing what experts have said about how disastrous it is to the nations healthcare and economy. The hits to the economy and healthcare system haven’t been fully felt yet but will cause inefficiencies and bureaucracy that will play havoc on doctors, insurers, jobs, economy, and sadly harm those that need medical help.

News article mentioned above:
Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance

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