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October 29th, 2013

Obama uses crises strategy to bring down capitalism

Obama’s big government program on America is the same plan by leftists to bring down capitalism. One of Obama’s comrade heros, Saul Alinsky who wrote ‘Rules for Radicals’, was for the radical plan.

The Cloward Piven strategy also know as the crises strategy was created by leftists to bring down America and capitalism. The radical strategy is to so over load the nation with bureaucracy and chaos including huge spending that could bankrupt cities or the nation itself to cause a crises to impose a radical leftist agenda.

Obama creates or declares a crises to implement his radical schemes on America such as his disastrous Obamacare. Obamacare creates the most bureaucracy and chaos of any one leftist’s schemes. It also will add huge debt to the nation and states. Obama’s huge budget deficits also push the nation ever closer to bankruptcy. People often wonder how could Obama be so stupid to support unworkable and failed socialist schemes. It’s all part of Obama’s over riding leftist agenda to bring down capitalism and America itself.

More on The Cloward-Piven Strategy
By Richard Poe

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February 25th, 2013

Obama Blames Others

Obama’s budget cuts are set to go into effect. Also know as the sequester, the cuts will hit the military the hardest and discretionary spending but not entitlements like Social Security or Medicare. The cuts are across the board of all effected government spending with half coming for military cuts.

Obama is out campaigning against his cuts now that they are set to take place. When Obama put the spending cuts in he said he would veto any attempt to change them but that was before the election and now they will actually happen. Obama always blames others, Congress, Bush whom left as President over 4 years ago and none of Bush’s policies were passed after the Democrats led by Pelosi took over Congress way back in 2006, going on 7 years ago. If Obama wants to blame anyone for the cuts he should point and blame himself considering they are his plan to begin with.

Follow up: White House economic adviser Gene Sperling admits that the sequestration was President Obama’s plan

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October 6th, 2012

Mitt Romney Crushed Obama in First Debate

If the debate between Romney and Obama was a boxing match the referee would have called it off after the first half of rounds. Romney was in command with facts and in-depth knowledge of the economy, taxes and job growth. Obama looked like he was in search of a thought and did a very poor job responding or defending his failed Presidency.

The debate showed that it is Mitt Romney that is Presidential and a true leader, while Obama was and is still over his head in a job he is not qualified to do. Romney now has the momentum to win the election. It may only get worst for BO as the election nears with polls showing Romney winning. This may be a landslide win for Romney and Republicans.

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March 28th, 2012

Will the liberal Supreme Court Judges rule according to the Constitution on Obamacare?

Will the four liberal Supreme Court Judges rule on the Constitutionality of Obamacare or will they rule to expand socialism? Most do not expect the four liberals on the Supreme Court to consider what the Constitution says about commerce or individual rights but simply go along with Obamacare to expand government and socialism. This is a sad and obvious indictment of the liberal judges that swear an oath to uphold the Constitution when ruling on issues taken to the Supreme Court. Liberals seem to have no problem with leftist judges making up excuses to expand socialism and dismiss the Constitution as something to work around or just ignore.

We will see if the liberals on the Court will strike down Obamacare on Constitutional grounds or give ridiculous excuses for their support of the socialist Obamacare. Almost no one expects they will care what the Constitution says and no one will be surprised when they line up for socialism and the shredding of the Constitution.

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December 10th, 2011

A Question for Establishment Republicans

For establishment Republicans that think Romney is the best candidate, I have a question.

You want to bet?

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October 27th, 2011

Does the private sector and government need each other?

The private sector doesn’t need government, but government needs the private sector to pay taxes.

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October 17th, 2011

Obama is clinging to his new Stimulus like a Drunk to his Bottle

Obama is running around the country, yelling like a drunk at a college game demanding his new stimulus bill be passed by Congress. Obama is calling it a jobs bill but is more of the same, big spending with added taxes on those that actually would create jobs.

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July 13th, 2011

Is Bernanke Really That Stupid?

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve testified in Congress about the state of the economy, deficits, the debt ceiling, government finances, Fed policy, the dollar and some other topics. He was questioned about the negotiations between Obama and Congress about the need and importance of raising the debt ceiling.

Bernanke said that it would be like spending money and not paying the bill if Congress didn’t increase the debt ceiling. The analogy Bernanke gave was wrong. The debt ceiling is the equivalent of maxing out a credit card and asking a bank that issued the credit card for a higher maximum to borrow. If someone spent money when their credit card is at it’s maximum borrowing limit as Bernanke said, the credit card would be rejected and the person could not buy the merchandise they wanted. If someone did that in a restaurant they would be in trouble and possibly have to wash dishes to cover the bill or pawn their ring or watch. Someone that tries to pay with a credit card that is at it’s maximum borrowing limit is simply not watching their spending limit. It’s too late to request an increase in the maximum limit on a credit card when in a store. There is no assurance that a bank will increase in the limit on a credit card. If someone hits the maximum the bank will be concerned that the person is in financial trouble and may not pay. For many an increase in the limit would be rejected. When a credit card is maxed out it means the person can’t use that credit card and would be wise to start paying down the debt before requesting a spending limit increase.

Congress is being asked to raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money. If the debt ceiling is not increased the Federal government would have to spend only what it takes in, meaning a balanced budget. Some say it means the nation would default on it’s debt. That is simply not true. It’s a red herring, or a lie. Revenue to the Federal government is much more than interest expense. Interest payments can be made on the US debt as well as other important priorities such as Social Security and the military. Obama falsely said he wasn’t sure there was money for Social Security payments. That is simply not true. Many times the government was shut down and the Social Security payments were paid. There is enough money to send Granny her check.

While it would be very difficult to decide what bills to pay without borrowing more money a few important expenditures can be made. There would certainly be many government programs that can’t be paid and would have to be shut down but a few major priorities can be paid. Bernanke can’t be that stupid to think that not raising the debt ceiling is like buying something and not paying for it or maybe he is. Raising the debt ceiling is spending more than the Federal government has and borrowing to more.

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April 26th, 2011

Trump is Shaking up the Republican Party

You may be thinking that Trump is a closet liberal, a Democrat Donkey. Many thought the Donald was more on the liberal side on social issues and a Dem because he gave money to many Democrats including the loud mouth liberal Chuck Schumer. So far during interviews Trump has taken conservative positions on most issues including the social issues and says he is very conservative. It’s a surprise to many.

Trump is bashing Obama about the disastrous economy under his watch and his lack of leadership. Trump is talking about issues that many are afraid to mention. His vocal and straight talk, in clear language, is appealing to many as polls show Trump near the lead or in the lead among Republicans for the nomination. Trump is making noise and shaking up the process. Many of the Republicans seem timid to wimpy, so scared that what they say will offend the liberal media. (Note to Republicans, anything you say they will not like) But Trump is in the face of the Obama media, he doesn’t fear the media or what they say about him. Trump has served notice that he will hit back if someone mocks him. Republicans can learn from that.

Even if you think Trump is a Democrat Donkey, it is worth riding that donkey to shake up the Republican field in the race for the party nomination. Trump will help set a new, higher standard of speaking out clear and passionate about the issues. Republicans will be forced to show a contrast with themselves and Obama and be aggressive. If the Republican politicians can’t beat Trump for the nomination then they aren’t strong enough of a candidate to deserve the nomination. If Trump wins the nomination he deserves it for putting his hat in the ring with enthusiasm and an aggressive style to take the party’s nomination away from more standard Republican candidates. Trump will have set himself up for a solid chance to win the Presidency.

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April 5th, 2011

Government shut down, will anyone notice?

The CR, continuing resolution, ends Friday so the Federal government may shut down, but will anyone notice? Not likely. The main concern for Obama and Socialists is that people may realize they need government much less than they are told they need it by the politicians running government.

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