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March 19th, 2016

Trump is a Buchanan 2.0 Conservative

Is there any conservative or political pundit that would say in a credible way that Pat Buchanan isn’t a conservative? Of course not. It wouldn’t pass the laugh test. Trump’s conservative positions are the same as Pat Buchanan. Defend the border, stop illegals from coming in by building a wall. A pro-America business agenda of putting American businesses first and the domestic jobs that come with them over a globalist position of favoring international foreign businesses. It’s a conservative agenda of Pro American jobs and trade. Defeating enemies or threats against America by overwhelming force and not foreign nation building or losing American soldiers lives or our money protecting foreign governments or nations. Businessman Donald Trump and columnist Pat Buchanan are conservatives and put America first. Those that are claiming Trump isn’t a conservative are taking a libertarian position of globalism, open borders, trade agreements that destroy American business or they support the lefts agenda of crony capitalism and a politically connected agenda that puts money in their pockets at the expense of Americans.

Trump is a good campaigner and has the money to run his campaign. He is uniting many that wouldn’t normally vote with conservatives such as blue collar ex-Democrats, Hispanic and other minorities that like his jobs message and strong pro America leadership. While Buchanan was the opposition to Bush in the 92 campaign, Trump is the Buchanan 2.0 in 2016 and is defeating the GOP establishment and is building a new more invigorated wining Republican majority.

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May 10th, 2010

Radical Leftist Kagan Nominated for the Supreme Court

This radical nominee is a leftist kook so naturally Obama nominated her. Leftist Kagan opposed US military recruiting which is such a radical position that she was slapped down by 8 Supreme Court Judges including liberals. Her radical hate for the US military while at war is a disgrace, particularly that leftist Kagan is a New Yorker. Did she forget what happened to the World Trade Center and 3,000 Americans murdered on 9-11-01? She simply doesn’t care about defending America, she takes radical leftist positions to oppose our military.

Leftist Kagan knows what side she is on and Obama does also. Obama knows Kagan well from Chicago. Obama wants radicals on the court to rubber stamp is radical policies and Kagan is a leftist that will oppose the greatness of America and impose the socialist agenda. Leftist picks for the US Supreme Courts like Kagan need to be strongly opposed and any Senator that votes to approve this radical is taking sides against America and they need to be defeated in the next election.

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October 2nd, 2009

Obama Fails at Delivering Olympics to Chicago

Another failure for Obama as he comes home a defeated Olympian wanna-be. The crushing blow to Obama’s ego and the liberal media’s inflated opinion of him was seen all around the world. Obama finished 4th in a 4 team race, not even getting the Bronze. Obama put his prestige on the line to deliver the Olympics so his crooked Chicago friends can make thousands if not millions. Obama’s speech was all about him like an Olympic team player hogging the ball and not playing as a team. There was no risk to Obama in his inflated mind of looking foolish, his arrogance made him think the whole world couldn’t wait to give Obama what he wanted. Obama bashed the USA for months, making apologies for and blaming the US for problems in the world, while not stating America’s greatness. Obama thought that would buy him favor from others around the world including the Olympic committee. Obama has showed weakness and has lost credibility around the world setting himself up to be humiliated not only by the Olympic committee but also by dictators.

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July 22nd, 2008

The liberal media in the tank for Obama

The liberal media is doing all they can to help their liberal nominee Obama to get him elected. The Obama and liberal media trip to the middle east is a show to make Obama look like he is a player in international issues and the war. Its a joke and the liberal media knows it and people see through it as propaganda by the Obama media. Obama was wrong on the war, he didn’t support the important issue of the day, the war on terror, and has undermined it every chance he got. Now the liberal media is trying to sell Obama as anything but a joke in important issues of national security and the our military.


More reading: Half See Pro-Obama Bias and Say Media Make Economy Seem Worse

Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win

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April 16th, 2008

Political Left Loses Again to Conservatives

This time in Italy. Liberals keep bashing America and claim that the whole world is against the US because of the President Bush and his conservative policies. However, conservatives that are pro-America have won in Germany, Canada, France and now in Italy. A pro-American conservative, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies in Parliament won a huge victory with a majority of about 100 seats in the lower house and 30 to 40 seat majority in the Senate. Large decisive victories are very unusual in Italy. The left wing had defeated Berlusconi 20 months ago but had only a one seat edge in Parliament.
Berlusconi ran on a conservative agenda of tax cuts, reducing regulations and lowering debt. Berlusconi’s is a strong allied of the U.S. and in his last term in office he was an ally in the war on terror sending troops in Iraq.
The political left led by Prodi leaves Italy in or near a recession. Many agree that it will be difficult to improve the economy. Berlusconi also wants to solve a garbage problem in Naples unsolved by leftists.

The liberals are out of touch with the whole world where people are electing pro-America conservatives. Soon the only anti-American politicians in the world will be liberals in the U.S.

More reading
Berlusconi’s victory gives some Italian stocks a boost

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December 28th, 2007

Conservatives Best Ticket, Giuliani-Hunter

It’s getting to crunch time for picking the best conservative nominee for President. If you like Duncan Hunter or Thompson at this point you may not get your guy. Hunter is about out of it. Thompson still has a chance but conservatives will have to get behind him now. The leaders going into the early primaries are Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani and McCain with Thompson a little behind. If not Thompson, the best for conservatives is Giuliani. We need someone that actually explains the conservative position in a positive way. Giuliani can do that well. I doubt he will push any liberal social issues. On one of the most important issues to us, judicial picks, Giuliani is likely to pick conservative judges. He said he will pick conservative judges and he isn’t as likely to be fooled by a Souter type. He will have some good conservatives that will work with him on judicial picks as well as economics and tax cuts.
We’re getting to a point conservatives need to get the best candidate we can. Giuliani isn’t bad for us, he can even be good on many issues, taxes, terror, and judges. Those are the big 3 issues that Bush was good on. Giuliani may be better than Bush at explaining conservative positions. If we aren’t going to get Thompson nominated or Hunter, Giuliani can be a good candidate for conservatives to back. Giuliani-Hunter ticket may be the best. It can put California in play.

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November 27th, 2007

Victory Celebrations for Returning Troops

When troops come home from Iraq next year our nation should have victory celebrations for them and honor them for the job they did and the great VICTORY they accomplished in Iraq.

It’s been a long time since our troops have had the recognition with celebrations for the hard work they do to protect the nation, freedoms and all Americans lives. Victory celebrations would make a clear statement of support for our troops but also honor them for what they achieved with all their hard work.

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November 1st, 2007

Hillary Clinton is For Illegals Getting Driver Licenses

Dick Morris on the Bill O’Reilly show revealed that Hillary is for illegals getting drivers licenses. Hillary tried to deny that she said she was for the plan by the Democrat Governor in NY to give drivers licenses to illegals moments after she said it was a good idea. Morris worked for Bill Clinton and was in the Whitehouse when Hillary supported plans to give illegal’s drivers licenses and other advantages that would harm Americans.

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October 22nd, 2007

The Great Debate

The Republican debate was very good. They discussed the issues and exposed Hillary’s weaknesses. Compare the Republican debate on Foxnews with the Dems debates and it was no contest. There was real substance on real issues in the Republican debate as opposed to Dems pandering to the lowest form of demagoguery and offers of handouts for votes.
The winners of the debate were the Republicans, conservatives and the eventual winner. Giuliani did well as did Thompson, the two front runners. Romney and Huckabee also did well and even McCain was very respectable. Republicans have been waiting for a candidate to step up and excite and fire up the voters. Almost all of them fired up the Republican base and the debate showed that all of the major candidates can take on Hillary and have many issues to expose her as a leftist fringe candidate the Democrats made a mistake in nominating. Whoever does win the Republican nomination has a very flawed, unpopular Hillary Clinton to defeat to be the next President. The great debate will be known as a turning point in the election and an important event that shaped the election of 2008.

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October 9th, 2007

Republican Debate, Taxes are the Major Issue

The debate was interesting. Other than the kook on the left, Ron Paul, the candidates gave good answers and sounded like strong conservatives. Where has that been in a while? McCain sounded like a rock solid conservative and he even mentioned Reagan. McCain is trailing in the polls and is about out of it. He is trying to out conservative the others but he seems that he realized he is out of it. Thompson was in his first debate and while not electrifying he was competent. They all stood out to a certain degree. I don’t think anyone has the nomination in hand yet. There is still time for someone to make up ground on the front runners Giuliani and Thompson.

Hillary is trying to come up with a “plan” to run on first saying she wanted to give every new born $5000 of taxpayers’ money then she backed off when the scheme flopped with many. While the Dems think the Iraq war will get them elected, the success of the US military there has taken the edge off. By election time candidates might be bragging that they always thought the US will be successful routing out terrorists in Iraq and they were for it from the beginning. There doesn’t seem that anyone has a great theme, a great saying, that they can ride to victory. Unless the economy tanks it will be hard for the Dems to make the economy an issue. With the Dems trying to make people uncomfortable with the economy the Republicans will have an easier time explaining that the worst thing would be electing Dems and getting hit with their tax increases that will hurt the economy. The best policy for Republicans to run on is ‘stop Dems from hurting you with tax increases’.

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