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December 5th, 2011

Liberals Fear Newt Gingrich

No matter what conservative rises in the polls against Romney, the left goes on the offense to knock them down. The liberals want Romney because he isn’t a solid conservative and would be easier to defeat like McCain. Now that Newt Gingrich has a clear lead in polls and conservatives are uniting behind him, the liberals are in a hysterical panic of fear trying to convince Republicans Obama would win. If liberals thought Newt was easy to beat they would be keeping quiet and hoping he wins.

Poll Newt Gingrich for President?

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October 27th, 2011

Does the private sector and government need each other?

The private sector doesn’t need government, but government needs the private sector to pay taxes.

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October 17th, 2011

Obama is clinging to his new Stimulus like a Drunk to his Bottle

Obama is running around the country, yelling like a drunk at a college game demanding his new stimulus bill be passed by Congress. Obama is calling it a jobs bill but is more of the same, big spending with added taxes on those that actually would create jobs.

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July 13th, 2011

Is Bernanke Really That Stupid?

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve testified in Congress about the state of the economy, deficits, the debt ceiling, government finances, Fed policy, the dollar and some other topics. He was questioned about the negotiations between Obama and Congress about the need and importance of raising the debt ceiling.

Bernanke said that it would be like spending money and not paying the bill if Congress didn’t increase the debt ceiling. The analogy Bernanke gave was wrong. The debt ceiling is the equivalent of maxing out a credit card and asking a bank that issued the credit card for a higher maximum to borrow. If someone spent money when their credit card is at it’s maximum borrowing limit as Bernanke said, the credit card would be rejected and the person could not buy the merchandise they wanted. If someone did that in a restaurant they would be in trouble and possibly have to wash dishes to cover the bill or pawn their ring or watch. Someone that tries to pay with a credit card that is at it’s maximum borrowing limit is simply not watching their spending limit. It’s too late to request an increase in the maximum limit on a credit card when in a store. There is no assurance that a bank will increase in the limit on a credit card. If someone hits the maximum the bank will be concerned that the person is in financial trouble and may not pay. For many an increase in the limit would be rejected. When a credit card is maxed out it means the person can’t use that credit card and would be wise to start paying down the debt before requesting a spending limit increase.

Congress is being asked to raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money. If the debt ceiling is not increased the Federal government would have to spend only what it takes in, meaning a balanced budget. Some say it means the nation would default on it’s debt. That is simply not true. It’s a red herring, or a lie. Revenue to the Federal government is much more than interest expense. Interest payments can be made on the US debt as well as other important priorities such as Social Security and the military. Obama falsely said he wasn’t sure there was money for Social Security payments. That is simply not true. Many times the government was shut down and the Social Security payments were paid. There is enough money to send Granny her check.

While it would be very difficult to decide what bills to pay without borrowing more money a few important expenditures can be made. There would certainly be many government programs that can’t be paid and would have to be shut down but a few major priorities can be paid. Bernanke can’t be that stupid to think that not raising the debt ceiling is like buying something and not paying for it or maybe he is. Raising the debt ceiling is spending more than the Federal government has and borrowing to more.

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April 26th, 2011

Trump is Shaking up the Republican Party

You may be thinking that Trump is a closet liberal, a Democrat Donkey. Many thought the Donald was more on the liberal side on social issues and a Dem because he gave money to many Democrats including the loud mouth liberal Chuck Schumer. So far during interviews Trump has taken conservative positions on most issues including the social issues and says he is very conservative. It’s a surprise to many.

Trump is bashing Obama about the disastrous economy under his watch and his lack of leadership. Trump is talking about issues that many are afraid to mention. His vocal and straight talk, in clear language, is appealing to many as polls show Trump near the lead or in the lead among Republicans for the nomination. Trump is making noise and shaking up the process. Many of the Republicans seem timid to wimpy, so scared that what they say will offend the liberal media. (Note to Republicans, anything you say they will not like) But Trump is in the face of the Obama media, he doesn’t fear the media or what they say about him. Trump has served notice that he will hit back if someone mocks him. Republicans can learn from that.

Even if you think Trump is a Democrat Donkey, it is worth riding that donkey to shake up the Republican field in the race for the party nomination. Trump will help set a new, higher standard of speaking out clear and passionate about the issues. Republicans will be forced to show a contrast with themselves and Obama and be aggressive. If the Republican politicians can’t beat Trump for the nomination then they aren’t strong enough of a candidate to deserve the nomination. If Trump wins the nomination he deserves it for putting his hat in the ring with enthusiasm and an aggressive style to take the party’s nomination away from more standard Republican candidates. Trump will have set himself up for a solid chance to win the Presidency.

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April 5th, 2011

Government shut down, will anyone notice?

The CR, continuing resolution, ends Friday so the Federal government may shut down, but will anyone notice? Not likely. The main concern for Obama and Socialists is that people may realize they need government much less than they are told they need it by the politicians running government.

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December 21st, 2010

Republicans Gain as the Census Backfires on Democrats

Democrats have blocked legislation and laws to discourage illegal immigration for decades. The new census shows an increase in population but the states that gained most are Republican leaning states. The census counts everyone including illegals. The Democrats policy to allow more illegals to enter the country may have backfired on them as Republicans will make gains because of the census count.

The Republicans will gain House seats and electoral votes as the census shows a continuing shift to the more conservative southern, sunbelt states, in comparison to liberal leaning Northeast and north Midwest states.

Republican leaning states will gain about 10 electoral votes with Texas and Florida gaining the most and Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah gaining one each. Democrats will lose electoral votes in liberal blue states like New York losing two and one in states of Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Overall it’s a net gain of about 13 electoral votes in Red, Republican leaning states. The pickup of electoral votes will make it difficult for Obama or another Dem to reach the 270 needed to win in the Presidential election of 2012.

More Congressional House seats in Republican red states will increase the Republican majority. Many states are controlled by Republicans in Governorships and state houses where they will draw up the districts to take advantage winning even more seats for Republican candidates. States are growing in rural areas or suburbs compared to cities to the benefit of Republican candidates. Over all the census count and change in House seats and districts can help Republicans pick up near 30 House seats.

The demographics of increasing numbers of illegals entering the country may have been what the Democrats wanted but the new House seats and electoral votes favoring Republicans isn’t the results the Democrats had in mind.

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October 18th, 2010

Democrats to Take Historic Defeat in November Elections, Obama to Get the Blame

The Democrats are about to take a huge and historic loss in the coming November election with loses of dozens of House seats and near 10 Senate seats. In 1994 Democrats lost 53 seats in the House with many predicting bigger loses for them in 2010. The Republicans need a 39 seat pick-up to gain control of the House and send Pelosi backing it in as Speaker where she can no longer abuse taxpayers by spending tens of thousands of dollars flying expensive government planes. In 1994 the generic polls without a candidates name of Republicans vs. Democrats, Democrats held leads in many polls up until the election when Republicans had a small lead; but in 2010 Republicans held nice size leads for most of the year pointing to a big win for them.

While many Democrats will put the blame on Obama they only have themselves to blame. The Democrats knew Obama was a radical leftist when he ran for election in 2008 yet the Democrat party backed him. Democrats, liberals, and their liberal media supporters didn’t warn their voters about his radical background and radical leftwing policy agenda that now threatens the existence of the Democrat party and the defeat of many long time Democrat politicians.

The Democrats passed a big spending bill, close to a trillion dollars, for their misguided stimulus that put the nation closer to bankruptcy and borrowing much needed money that businesses needed to grow and individuals needed to buy things like homes There big spending bill didn’t help the economy.

Poll after poll showed that people opposed the Obama government healthcare takeover that anyone with a bit of common sense can tell it’s a disaster for the health of Americans and very expensive. Democrats went along with it in a radical attempt to expand government and run a large part of the economy in complete disregard for the health of the American people and no regard for the cost. Democrats could have said no to Obama but they believed their own propaganda and now will lose many elections because of it.

The Democrats have themselves to blame but they will try to put all the blame on Obama for his misguided leftist policies that they passed. While Obama will try to continue his radical agenda, expect many Democrats that are still in office to run away from Obama and try to save their political career.

Articles to read:
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July 8th, 2010

How Can a Young Person Live on Their Salary in the Terrible Obama Economy?

Let’s say a young person makes $15 dollars an hour, if they can even make that much. That’s 40 hours a week for $600. Because they are single they pay high income tax and have almost no deductions. After taxes and paying part of their healthcare they take home about $450. That’s if they even get healthcare coverage. That comes to $1800 a month of income to pay their bills and live.

The money will soon be spent. For rent, take off $1000 a month, they are down to $800. Car lease of $300 so it’s $500 left. Car insurance of $200 a month leaving them with $300. The money is going fast so better to buy some food at the grocery store of $50 a week, for $200 a month. Hope the person isn’t a big eater. Now for the last $100 left for everything else. Need to drive the car to work, so need gas and tolls for $100 a month. That’s it, money gone!

What? Money gone already? This young person will not have money for clothes so he/she will go naked. Trendy clothes, designer clothes to look good or to dress well for work? No money for that. How about young women that value dressing well, jewelry, makeup, those designer shoes or purse? No money for any of it.

Will a young person work and stay home every night? Not normally. A beer with friends, going to a restaurant, cafe for coffee. Nope, no money, already broke. How about going to a movie? Don’t all young people go to movies at $10 or even $15 a ticket? No money. Forget the popcorn, or a soda or candy. Take a date to the movie and a low priced restaurant like Friday’s, for a cost of at least $50 for this cheap date; forget it, you’re broke. No money for nice clothes for going out so it won’t make a difference anyway. Oh, and forget that haircut, no money. Styling your hair isn’t possible. Some guys wouldn’t care how long their hair grows, but young women may not feel great with bad hair all the time. Did we mention shampoo and soap and other necessities? Money is long gone for those necessities. Maybe they can hit up their parents for some toilet paper or borrow some from a friend.

That $1000 for rent has to include all utility bills or did we forget that? Cable TV and internet connection better be part of the $1000 figured or there is no money for it. No premium channels of course. Where will the computer come from anyway? The old one used back in school is long gone or about done. Certainly need a cell phone. Now that is a necessity! IPhone with the extras to text friends, where does the money come from? Remember the money is gone. But need a cell phone.

Certainly a young person should have some money to buy a house. The nothing down mortgages didn’t work out so well. Put away that extra $200 a month with interest included will give a young person a sum of $30,000 for a small down payment on a house after ten years of saving! But the money is gone. Save money? How will they save when there isn’t enough money to get by day to day, month to month?

Shouldn’t a young person get married and have children? No money for dating, so it’s a little complicated. How much would be needed for a marriage? Maybe their parents will pay for a wedding but there is expense for sure. Don’t you think so? Children cost money. They eat, need healthcare, clothing, and that’s just the beginning of shelling out money for children. More than one child, a few, multiply the expense. Where will all the money come from?

Now we can see why two parents working is the new normal. Years past a father worked and the mother raised the children. Now, dump off the kids to a government run child care or school. Pay for day care or school? Are you serious? Pay for more healthcare for a family insurance plan? There are a lot of bills for children before buying any luxury like music lessons, movies, candy, a toy, or going on a family vacation. Did we mention a vacation? No money for that. No money for much of anything.

No wonder so many young people are still living with the parents and no thought of raising a family. The American dream of family with a home with a picket fence, dog, and all the things people have come to expect are out of the reach of many young people. That’s if they can even find a job in Obama nation. Unemployment is high and wages are going down if you count inflation. Some say that the weak economy may mean a lost decade of growth. What we will have in America is a lost families, a lost generation.

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May 18th, 2010

Democrat Senate candidate lied about serving in Vietnam

Democrat Senate candidate lied about serving in Vietnam. Blumenthal said, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,”. That was one of his many lies about serving in Vietnam. So far Democrats have been silent in calling for this liar and disgrace to resign as Attorney General of Conn. as well as drop out of the Senate race.

Democrat Senate candidate lied about serving in Vietnam
Merrick Alpert calls Blumenthal “a coward” and “a liar”
GOP takes credit for New York Times hit
Blumenthal denies trying to mislead on Vietnam

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