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May 10th, 2010

Radical Leftist Kagan Nominated for the Supreme Court

This radical nominee is a leftist kook so naturally Obama nominated her. Leftist Kagan opposed US military recruiting which is such a radical position that she was slapped down by 8 Supreme Court Judges including liberals. Her radical hate for the US military while at war is a disgrace, particularly that leftist Kagan is a New Yorker. Did she forget what happened to the World Trade Center and 3,000 Americans murdered on 9-11-01? She simply doesn’t care about defending America, she takes radical leftist positions to oppose our military.

Leftist Kagan knows what side she is on and Obama does also. Obama knows Kagan well from Chicago. Obama wants radicals on the court to rubber stamp is radical policies and Kagan is a leftist that will oppose the greatness of America and impose the socialist agenda. Leftist picks for the US Supreme Courts like Kagan need to be strongly opposed and any Senator that votes to approve this radical is taking sides against America and they need to be defeated in the next election.

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April 30th, 2010

Obama’s Oil Spill Administration

Certain symbols represent an Administration. The oil spill in the gulf is one such symbol, of the Obama Administration in chaos and ineffective leadership. High oil prices and the weak economy continue to plague the ineffective Obama Presidency and while Obama refuses to take effective measures, oil spills in the Gulf threatening the environment, wild life, beaches and fishing.

It took Obama eight days to start to do anything after the explosion on the oil rig killed 11 people and started spilling oil in the Gulf waters. The weak and very late response and lack of leadership by Obama proves that he and his Administration can’t act when needed or disaster occurs. Obama and his cohorts are in constant campaign mode and politicize issue after issue while not doing what is needed to actually do what Presidents are suppose to do.

Obama needs speeches written for him by staff that researches what words will play well or are good propaganda and Obama reads those speeches off a teleprompter. Without his teleprompter Obama can’t put a sentence or two together from his own thoughts because his thoughts are offensive to Americans. While the oil was pouring into the Gulf waters Obama was doing speeches attacking the people of Arizona and fueling the flames of is his racist agenda. Obama also continued his bashing of Wall Street and trying to divide Americans on race and envy. People are out of work and the unemployment rate remains high but instead of smart policies to improve things, Obama wants people to blame business so to divert peoples attention from his lack of leadership on jobs and the economy. Obama wouldn’t divert his propaganda campaign for a few days to do his job when the oil spill disaster happened.

This wasn’t the way it was suppose to be. The Obama ‘being’ was suppose to be mythical and God like where nothing bad happens because he proclaims everything was past Administrations fault, Bush’s fault, or the white founding fathers fault because they were racist to him. The fact that issues require Obama to actual be a President where he has to act is a burden or nuisance to him. While Obama tries to stay above problems and blames others, Obama looks incompetent and out of touch. The Obama Administration is a disaster and all Obama does is spill his bile propaganda on America, dividing and bashing others. The Obama Administration is destructive like an oil spill.

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March 22nd, 2010

Democrats Pass Government Healthcare Takeover, Americans Freedom and Healthcare to Suffer

Democrats gave their leaders, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, radical government run healthcare in opposition to the American people and freedom. The Democrats decided to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world to impose their mean-spirited socialist policy and control over Americans.

Millions of Americans and the vast majority of the nation made it clear that putting control of Americas healthcare in the hands of government is not acceptable but the Democrats smacked Americans in the face and basically said to a America ‘suffer’ under government run healthcare. Millions of Americans, many for the first time, protested and millions more wrote letters and called Congress but Democrats didn’t listen or care but instead followed their rulers, Pelosi and Obama and their radical agenda. Democrats, Obama, Pelosi, trampled on America, the US Constitution and freedom, and the health of Americans.

The Democrats proved to be the radical socialists that they are and that they will oppose the American people. Democrats proved they can’t be trusted to protect freedoms and that Democrats will throw Americans healthcare away to expand government power over America. Democrats may have won a battle over Americans but now they will be defeated in elections for years to come. It’s up to all Americans to save the United States of America and re-establish freedom by defeating all of the radical leftist Democrats in all elections.

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March 10th, 2010

Obama Makes Desperate Push for Government Healthcare Bill, Pelosi to be Rubber Stamp

Like a mad man that can’t get his way, Obama is pushing Democrats in the House to pass the Senate government healthcare bill so he can sign it. Obama and his Chicago cronies are pressuring Dems to vote for it even though it will mean losing their election. Obama may not run again the way his administration is going and won’t be on the ballot till 2012 if he does run. Obama Presidency is in near ruins, his polls continue to fall and is at record lows. He has proven to be the nations worst fear, a radical leftist run amuck demolishing America and it’s greatness. Obama, like a king or a gang leader, wants Dems to commit political suicide by passing the unpopular and destructive government healthcare plan that Obama wants. It’ all about Obama and his socialist agenda that he wants to cripple Americas economy and will also be the Democrat party and Americans healthcare loss.

Pelosi in a small flash of ut-oh and obvious frustration in her loss of power to control the government healthcare bill, warned Democrats ‘we must pass the bill to see what’s in it’. The bill is the Senate’s bill, not hers in the House. Pelosi has no say what ends up passing at this point. The House bill is done and dead. Democrats in the House are told to pass the Senate bill and if the Senators get around to making changes, it will be what the Senators want and House members have no say. Pelosi can’t be happy to be in a position to be nothing more than the Senates rubber stamp on the Dems long desired government healthcare bill.

If the Dems decide to walk the plank for their leader Obama, and pass government healthcare, the Democrats party will be on life support and government healthcare won’t be able to save them. The Dems supporters that want something for nothing will soon see the bill as a bad deal – get in line with many others at clinics in the cities where they would be better off going to a dog vet. Today, the most needy get quality healthcare at the best hospitals and can see the best doctors that often treat them for charity. When Dems see the many bad issues that will result including cuts to Medicare and loss of their healthcare insurance that they liked, along with higher prices for insurance that make it impossible to afford, few will still want Obama care. Opposition will grow by the day and when the government healthcare policy turns to a disaster, Republicans and the remaining Democrats in Congress will strike it down.
Obama will be known as the Trojan horse that got in healthcare, destroyed it along with the Democrats party.

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February 8th, 2010

Obama Again Falls Below 50 Percent Support, Last Time at 50 Percent?

After a few days of a bump in Obama’s poll numbers of support that got him to 50 percent support, his numbers are back down. Obama’s bump only lasted a few days after his State of the Union Address to Congress.

Obama’s strongly approve to strongly disapprove also dropped back nearing pre-Congress address levels. The few day increase in support for Obama came from gains with Democrats whom were losing strong support for him. Strongly disapprove over strongly approve, is back in the mid teens, around 15 percent.

Considering the high profile publicity of a State of the Union Address and only reaching 50 percent, it’s a sign of very weak poll numbers. It may be a while for Obama to reach 50 percent again and he will likely need something to boost his numbers. It’s possible if the economy doesn’t improve that Obama may never reach 50 percent support again but if that’s the case his Presidency will be a disaster and in ruins unlike any other President.
Rasmussen Poll

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January 8th, 2010

3 Million Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Stimulus Plan Passed

The Democrats and Obama’s stimulus bill that was suppose to create jobs has been a failure. Since March there were three million jobs lost. (Household data, seasonally adjusted, see below) The job numbers are not improving but getting worse. Other than a small increase in jobs in November, the worst months were in the second half of the year, Aug. Sept., Oct., and Dec. (almost 600 thousand jobs lost in December)

The unemployment rate is at 10% and would be much higher if not for many people that quit looking for a job and have left the labor force. When good jobs are hard to find and pay isn’t as expected for available jobs, people leave the labor force to take care of family, go to school or become homeless. The drop in the labor force was a huge 1.5 million people; the first drop since a smaller decrease in 1961 and one of the few yearly drops ever.

This is bad news for our country, jobs, standard of living and progress. Unless there is a change in policy by the Obama administration and Democrats it will be bad news for them at election time.

Data from Employment status HOUSEHOLD DATA

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January 7th, 2010

Conservatives Are the Majority, Set for Gains in 2010

Polls by Gallop and the Battleground poll (articles below) show conservatives are the largest political ideology and are gaining in numbers. The political pendulum swings, usually against the one in the Presidency. With the Dems and Obama pushing an unpopular big government agenda and huge government deficits, people are not happy and are calling for smaller conservative policies. The swing is away from intrusive and bloated government.

Elections in Nov. 2009 were the first shots across the bow as conservatives/Republicans won key races in NJ and Virginia. Many Dems including Senators Dodd and Dorgan are not running for re-election due to poor poll numbers that mean their chances of winning were unlikely. More Dems are likely to call it a career and retire rather than face humiliating defeats. It’s unlikely Reid will retire. He is arrogant enough to think he will win re-election regardless what polls show.

Democrats are in trouble politically and they know it. Dems know if they pass their massive healthcare bill it will hurt their party but also know that if they don’t pass it after going this far they will look like fools. Fools, or destroy their party, not a good choice for them.

Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

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December 18th, 2009

Obama and Democrat’s Massive Tax Increase Disguised in the Healthcare Bill

The Democrats goal is to spend, spend and spend along with more regulations. Democrats and Obama have a second part of that big government plan, that being, raise taxes to pay for all the spending along with sticking it to businesses and anyone that makes money.

The problem Obama has to raise taxes is his no tax pledge for those making less than 200 thousand a year and Democrats know raising taxes will be very unpopular and they would lose even more support. However, if the Democrats and Obama can hide their massive tax increase they could push it through and keep Democrat voter support or have Democrats cheer the tax increase bill by fooling them. What is a better way for Democrats and Obama to disguise a huge tax hike than by putting in a so called healthcare bill many Democrats call for? That’s what the Democrats and Obama are doing with the tax increase healthcare bill they are pushing.

The massive tax increase is being disguised in the bill and the debate about healthcare. The Dems took out parts of the healthcare bill, like single payer and government health insurance plan but the tax increases are not being discussed nor removed from the bill. The goal is to push any bill that can pass with parts effecting healthcare in 2014 or beyond but as long as the tax increases remain for years.

People wonder why the Democrats are still pushing the healthcare bill when so many people are opposed to it. Any person with common sense can see all of the problems with the healthcare plans in the bill and how disastrous the bill would be for healthcare. But that is fine for Democrats because the discussion is not focused on the real goal, higher taxes. The disastrous healthcare problems would be a few years off before people notice and they can always “fix” them if they are in Congress when the problems hit. Problems like rising costs, rationing, more people losing and not being able to afford health insurance. Democrats plan to kick those problems down the road for others to fix and they will always point blame on others and claim they really didn’t vote for or wanted what resulted and that they intended different, “intentions good”.

Federal deficits are rising rapidly with all the spending by Dems and Obama and they are desperate for tax increases. The big spending plans are most important to Dems and raising taxes the next few years is a way to keep spending. The thought of cutting spending like many states and cities had to do to narrow deficits is the last thing Dems and Obama would want to do so they are passing a major tax hike bill by fooling Democrats packaging it in a healthcare bill. Tax increases will harm the economy and jobs will be lost but Democrats and Obama only care about spending and expanding government.

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November 24th, 2009

Global Warming Hoax Exposed

The TomG Report was one of the first to call global warming a hoax. Now with the scandal of global warming scientists breaking (Climategate), the whole world now sees it as the fraud and hoax that it always was. Leftist scientists and phony leftist politicians like AlGore pushed the global warming hoax for decades to press a leftist agenda to impose socialist policies by corrupt leftist governments on the duped public.

The liberals/leftists claimed they feared global warming and that they worried about a threat to the earth. Now that global warming is known to all including the leftists that it is a fraud, they should be happy. Liberals/leftists no longer have to worry about the disaster they claimed would happen. But the leftists are not happy because for one they are exposed as frauds but also that their radical agenda is based on a hoax. I doubt that leftists really feared global warming calamity. Although some young people, children, were scared by the leftist global warming hoax hustlers like AlGore. Leftists made propaganda movies and commercials scaring children that Polar Bears would die and people and cute animals will suffer and drown. Scaring children as the liberals did was disgraceful. They harmed children for a radical political agenda that would also harm them with a much lower standard of living as they grow up if their crazy socialist schemes were imposed on them and their families.

Articles to read:
The impression left by the Climategate emails is that the global warming game has been rigged from the start.

Climategate: White House Involvement in Scandal Will Make It Harder for MSM to Ignore

EDITORIAL: Hiding evidence of global cooling Junk science exposed among climate-change believers
Climategate reminds us of the liberal-left’s visceral loathing of open debate
“Climate Gate” Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA
Warmists using suicidal animals to push discredited theory
The Evidence of Climate Fraud
CRU Files Betray Climate Alarmists’ Funding Hypocrisy
More weather hypocrisy at the New York Times
Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?
Climategate: why it matters

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November 9th, 2009

20 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism

20 Years Since the Berlin Wall Fell   
The fall of the USSR and the Berlin wall should be celebrated like no other holiday world wide. Fireworks, food, beer of course, it’s Germany. It’s the biggest historic event since the creation of the USA. The fall of the Berlin wall marked as a symbol the fall of communism and the tyranny of the USSR.
Reagan say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”. It was clever words, it made the point that Gorbachev was responsible for the wall, that the USSR, not the USA, free world or West Germans, not even the East German communist leaders were keeping the wall and dividing Germany. No one likes “foreign” governments running their country so even the East German communists (and Stasi secret police) that heard Reagan’s words had to think, ‘yes, why do we have this wall the Russians want?’. East Germans were listening to Reagan’s speech. The words melted the wall by losing support for it even in East Germany. It pointed the blame for the wall where it really should be, the evil empire of the USSR. All Germans, including east German leaders and the west became united to oppose the wall imposed by a foreign government, Gorbachev and the USSR. With few Germans wanting the wall, the wall fell once East Germany saw how weak the USSR became and that the USSR wouldn’t do anything to continue the wall’s existence.
Articles, pictures and videos about the Fall of the Berlin Wall:

Pictures The fall of Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall came downTwenty years later, the rest of the world is a different place because of that event.

The comedy of errors that caused a wall to fall

German capital celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall

Episode 3: Resistance in a communist stateBerlin Wall 20 years on: In the third of five films, members of the East German resistance talk about putting their lives at risk in opposition to the regime

‘Good evening, live from the Berlin Wall’Persistence, good luck combined to create historic exclusive broadcast

videos from NBC news-Berlin Wall

Episode 4: The fall of the Berlin WallBerlin Wall 20 years on: In the fourth of five films, Berliners remember the night in November 1989 when the barrier between two ideologies was finally breached

Thousands cheer 20 years since fall of Berlin Wall

Four Little Words
Reagan deliberately confronted criminal regimes with what they fear most: the publicly spoken truth about their moral weakness.

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